Post-Lucky 7’s Post/Show next Friday in Long Branch


Thanks to everyone who came out for our opening set at Lucky 7’s BBQ yesterday. It was our first time working with this new format and we certainly learned a lot. We had a great time! The other bands were fantastic. We played three new songs that may or may not end up on the new album that we have been working on. Hopefully we can get some video next time so we can show them to you. Or you could always just come out :-)

This Friday (July 27), we’re opening up at The Brighton Bar in Long Branch for The Thousand Pities (a band I happen to play the bass guitar in) and The Blasés. I’m really excited for this show. For one, The Brighton Bar is awesome. The band that Brandon and I formerly played in, St. Sat B, were regulars at The Brighton, so it’s going to be great playing there again (here’s a video of an entire St. Sat B set we did there about 5 years ago!). Secondly, The Blasés are fucking cool. So come see us!

Hopefully we’ll see you soon,