Lucky 7’s Rock n’ Roll BBQ and more


It’s been a while! We’ve been busy doing what every band does after releasing an album: not play any shows and immediately write another record.

Unfortunately, we’ve been informed that in order for us to “get our name out there,” we have to tell people we exist via live performance. No better place than an outdoor BBQ in Jersey City :-)

We’re kicking off the event at 2PM. It will be our first show as a trio (Brandon, Beth, and I), as we have decided to try a smaller, more focused, and mobile set for the time being so we can get around easier and play out more. The loud show will return in the future, but for now please join us on the 21st for what is certain to be an interesting performance. We’re really looking forward to it. Lots of great bands!

Here’s an interview I did back in May for a website called Pens Eye View. The article just went up yesterday:

Finally, I never posted this here, but our friend Deukyun Hwang filmed Brandon and I doing a bunch of acoustic versions of some of our songs. You can find those on our Youtube page, but for now, here’s “I Won’t Wait” from our EP:

Thanks, and talk to you soon :-)