Flavors.me = New TheStaticSea.com

While you were refreshing our website for the hundredth time today, you may have noticed that http://thestaticsea.com now points to a shiny, new, and ultra-convenient place to monitor the many areas of the internet that we are currently infecting. Easily follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else we may be without having to visit that site. You can even send us an email by using the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the list to the left.

If you wish to access the old site right away instead of going to this lovely Flavors.me page, just head over to http://blog.thestaticsea.com. If you had previously subscribed to our RSS feed, be sure that you’re now using “thestaticsea.tumblr.com/rss” because the previous “thestaticsea.com/rss” will no longer work.

Thanks go to Jenn Schiffer for hooking us up with the account and helping me set it up!