made by william francis dudley III

made by william francis dudley III

do not do not do not do

Hey hi yeah cool

I’m trying to come up with adequate words to sell this record to you. And no, I don’t mean ‘sell’ as in “give us your money.” I just want you to listen to it. The three of us, as well as those involved, have had many conversations as to what this record means to us. We all agree that no one will feel the way the same way that we feel about these songs. We accept that. For all we know, it could be the shittiest album ever made. We accept that possibility, too. For the seven days it took to record this album, the three of us lived and breathed this music. Every single note is filled with so much love and hate, fear and freedom, sadness and pure joy that it doesn’t matter what the end result wound up being. That said, we hope you listen. If you do, we hope you like it. We had the time of our lives recording it. I’ll be writing more about the record soon.

You can download “DO NOT DISMISS ME,” our brand-new LP right over here:

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